Houston No. 1 in Construction Job Growth

August 6, 2018by Stacia Gotto0

The Houston area added the most construction jobs in the nation during the past year, according to a new report by the Associated General Contractors of America, gaining 19,300 jobs through June, 2018.

Construction employment rose in 76 percent of the 358 metro areas tracked by the organization.

Midland added 6,700 jobs, a 24-percent rise for the year, and was among 64 metro areas that set new construction employment highs. Only Merced, Calif. posted a higher percentage gain, adding 700 jobs or 28 percent.

Houston’s 9-percent gain in construction jobs matched the Dallas region, which added 12,200 jobs. Phoenix posted an 11-percent gain, adding 13,100 jobs.

“Increases in construction employment in the past year were widespread and strong, as employment increased in three-fourths of metro areas,” chief economist Ken Simonson said in an announcement.

“Workers in most metro areas are benefiting as firms keep pace with strong demand for construction services.”

Cities with the largest year-over-year job losses through June were Middlesex, N.J. (-3,400 jobs or -8 percent), followed by Newark, N.J. (-2,800 jobs or -6 percent); and Nashville, Tenn. (-2,300 jobs or -5 percent).

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Metro areas with the most jobs added from June 2017 to June 2018:

Houston: 19,300 jobs, 9 percent
Phoenix, Ariz.: 13,100 jobs, 11 percent
Dallas: 12,200 jobs, 9 percent
Atlanta, Ga.: 8,400 jobs, 7 percent
New York City: 8,300 jobs, 5 percent

Source:  The Houston Chronicle’s Houston tops nation for construction job growth

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