KMR Construction is led by its founder Kenny Roch.  The company is built on the strong values and principles he first learned from his mother and grandmother, while growing up in a small town with a big family.  Kenny came from nothing and some may say less than that; but what he learned in overcoming adversity, he does not forget.  This spirit is the foundation of KMR.  It is a character; an energy; a heart.  It is perfection and expectation; something you want to call “old school,” but Kenny would just call it “right.” 

At KMR, our standard reflects honesty, integrity and a very real sense that someone is on your side when it counts the most.  Kenny lives everyday with this approach, takes nothing for granted and surrounds himself with people that reside in like mindset.  He will not settle for less and while that may set the bar high for some, our team believes such expectations not only make us exceptional while at our jobs, but better people off the clock.

We have an extremely loyal customer base and we can’t wait to know your name, build your vision and represent your interests.

Kenny is the President and founder of KMR Construction. One conversation with Kenny and it is apparent why so many trust him with their business.

Phone: 832-906-9623
Office: 713-714-8652

Joe is a Project Manager nearing his second anniversary at KMR. Regardless of proximity, Joe is eager to cultivate relationships and exceed your business goals.

Phone: 713-853-7123
Office: 713-714-8652

Jody is a Superintendent with KMR and is readily available to lend his knowledge to every project, ensuring a quality outcome and satisfied customer.

Phone: 713-899-8673
Office: 713-714-8652

Stacia is in her first year at KMR Construction as Project Coordinator. She monitors project progress and represents KMR in its online presence.

Phone: 713-853-7514
Office: 713-714-8652

As a KMR Superintendent, Van organizes and maintains commercial construction jobsites, collaborating with craft subcontractors to ensure optimal results.

Phone: 713-898-9719
Office: 713-714-8652

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