Joe Gotto

Joe or as Kenny and his birth certificate like to call him, Joseph is from Barberton, Ohio.  Locals call Barberton the Magic City because of its furious population growth during the industrial expansion.  The city was founded by Ohio Columbus Barber, an entrepreneur that made a significant profit from the Ohio & Erie Canal.

Joe comes from an Italian family that made their living in the construction industry after transplanting from Yonkers, New York to Ohio.  He spent over 10 years working in a residential home improvement company.  Ohio has its perks; one being that you can build a snowman four to five months out of the year.  Although the weather may sound appealing for Olympiads training for the Winter Games, it doesn’t bode well for the construction business.  In 2006, as Joe and his wife began contemplating family expansion, he began working in shipping and receiving for The Babcock & Wilcox Company, a power generation corporation.  Here, the work was not so seasonal and Joe’s strong work ethic determined the opportunity would be most reliable and consistent for supporting a family.

Nine years, four promotions and two kids later, Joe and his loving wife of 11 years looked around and realized that they were tired of looking at the snow and rain.

Joe embarked on the amazing opportunity in Houston that is KMR and commercial construction in 2016.  He relocated with his family to Texas and he couldn’t have gotten here soon enough.

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